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Information for Retailers

My Hikes™ enthusiastically works with businesses big and small to sell its pant cuff fasteners. Only our My Hikes™ pant cuff fasteners safely help kids' pant cuffs stay up and are fun to wear!

My Hikes™ are:
• For use with medium weight durable fabrics such as jeans
• Adorable, designs are 3-D and rubbery, fun to look at and touch!
• Easy to apply
• Durable—Our strong polycarbonate plastic passed the small parts test so we can sell to kids both over and under 3 years
• Lightweight for comfort—Hardly noticeable when worn, especially when kids wear shoes/socks
• Gentle on the pants—Just a snap-through clip style application, no damaging pins
• Invented by a mom and are patented

Display Options
We offer two different point-of-sale display options that each hold 10 pairs of fasteners at a time. We also provide a single hole punch for hanging.

The first is a "side-by-side showcase" option where two different style fasteners can show in the front. This is great for stores who might need a girl row and a boy row or simply want 2 designs to be easily seen.

The second is a counter-space saving "front-and-back stacker" with 5 fitting in the lower front step and 5 in the upper back step. This is great space saver that allows customers to flip through a stack during check-out.

My Hikes ™ also punches with a single hole in the cardboard backer for simple hanging.

For Wholesale Inquiries and Orders
For price and quantity information, please call My Hikes, LLC at 512.469.0587 or email sales@MyHikesUSA.com.

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