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Why is My Hikes™ great for kids?

My Hikes™ Are Fun to Wear
Perhaps the best reason kids will like My Hikes™ is that the designs are fun to wear. The original artwork is whimsical, colorful and 3-dimensional. They make your kid's cuffed pants look like cleverly accessorized clothing instead of a clothing mishap.

My Hikes™ Are Fast and Easy to Apply
My Hikes™ pant cuff fasteners go on fast and easily. Removal is easy, too.

Stepping on Pants with Our Heels Is Bothersome and Damaging
For both kids and grown-ups, when pants are too long, they get underneath the heels. This is bothersome to the wearer and damaging to the pants. Pants are even more likely to drag the floor when shoes are taken off. My Hikes™ helps keep the pants off the floor and in better shape.

Transition to the Next Size With Ease
As kids grow, there are "in between size" phases where their jeans or pants only look long enough if they stand perfectly still like a statue. The minute they walk, run, sit or move in any way, the jeans look TOO SHORT! As Moms and Dads, this is soooo annoying! And even though it bothers us, we tolerate the short pants for as long as we can stand it. That's because we know when we first upgrade the size, the new pants will be TOO LONG! Stop letting the slightly too short pants embarrass you or kids! Go ahead and upgrade the size, now you have My Hikes™ to help.

Pant Sizes Vary Brand to Brand
Sometimes a 3 is an "age three" vs. a "3t." And other times, for no reason at all, a 4 fits in one brand and a 5 in another. It's simply the way the universe works, there's no point in questioning it. Pant length variations are yet another reason we created My Hikes™.

Buy with Room to Grow and Get More Wear Out of the Pants
Amazingly kids can change pant sizes before the winter season ends. We've seen it happen! My daughter was a 3t at the beginning of fall and a 4t before winter was over. Looking back, I wish I had bought a little bigger from the beginning and used My Hikes™. With My Hikes™, you can buy the size your child will be a few months from now and save money on clothes. Kids and parents won't find a little room to grow bothersome anymore!

Click here to see My Hikes™ in action!