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My Hikes™ are for the
kids in all of us!

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Grown-ups wear My Hikes™ too!

My Hikes™ created a fun fastener for the kids in all of us. The fastener works well on grown-up pants in two good ways.

First, you can put one on the outside of each leg, just like kids wear it, for a very casual look that is still very helpful at keeping your jeans off of your heels and the floor. Remember you can roll once or twice, just keep the cuff height 2 inches or less.

Another option is to place matching fasteners on the outside seams and then matching ones on the inside seams. That way when you walk people can see both designs alternating from the side which looks cool. The two on each leg is especially helpful if you like a more "neatly casual" look or if the circumference of your pant legs is on the wider side such that one fastener cannot do the job.

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