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Sell My Hikes™ and earn money
for your school or organization!

My Hikes™ Fundraising Program

My Hikes™ believes in supporting education because we believe it's the most critical force in developing kids' unique personalities, their sophisticated self-expression, and their lifelong resilience to achieve their goals in the face of life's challenges.

The My Hikes Fundraiser
Are you looking for a new fundraising idea for your pre-school or elementary school? (Yes, daycare centers will work too.) My Hikes™ is providing an opportunity for schools to raise some extra money by helping us spread the word about the new pant cuff fastener for kids.

Here's how it works. Your school fills out a W-9 form and turns it in to us—this is very easy! We will issue you a FUNDRAISING CODE that applies to only your school. You give the code to all the kids and parents at your school. All the kids/parents at the school email all of their friends and family all over the USA, and around the world, to tell them about My Hikes™ pant cuff fasteners. Simply ask them to ENTER THE FUNDRAISING CODE if they purchase any pant cuff fasteners from www.MyHikesUSA.com by the end of the fundraising period.

Any time one of them purchases My Hikes™ pant cuff fasteners on-line, your school gets $2.00 cash for each pair sold!!! We give you one month to spread the word and get as many sales as you can, and then we issue your school (or daycare center) a check after the end of the month. (We will aim to issue the actual check within 3 weeks of the end of the fundraising month.)

Here's why the My Hikes™ Fundraiser is a good idea:
  1. Funds can really add up. Between you, all of your friends and family, the kids at school and all of their friends and family, you can sell a lot of fasteners.
  2. My Hikes™ is still a new product so very few people already have it. That makes it interesting to talk about and try, so parents don't have the embarrassment of asking friends and relatives to consider yet one more magazine.
  3. Sending emails to spread the word requires very little work and effort from busy parents. We're talking less than 5 minutes. No face to face requests or awkward calls needed.
  4. With the economy in tough shape right now, fundraising committees are finding that they have tapped out their usual school-based audience. It's smart to reach beyond our inner circles.
  5. Sometimes lots of small requests can be just as effective as a few big requests. Sending this small request to a lot of people will be less taxing on everyone than trying for bigger requests to our already tapped out parents and grandparents.
So there are a lot of reasons to buy My Hikes™ fasteners. They help kids pant cuffs stay up! They are fun to wear for kids and even grown-ups. They make a great gift! And My Hikes™ cares about helping your school raise the money it needs to care for your kids.

Main Condition of Participation: Your FUNDRAISING CODE must record a minimum of 15 sales to receive a check at the end of the month.
Main Condition of Participation for Purchasers: Due to fundraising nature of promotion, refunds on any product returns will be reduced by $2.00 per pair and shipping costs.

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