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My Hikes™ are currently available
in five whimsical designs.

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What makes My Hikes™ artwork so appealing and distinct?

My Hikes'™ artwork features an original, whimsical style. It uses playful colors and balances artfully designed perfections and imperfections. These distinguishing qualities make it appeal readily to kids and the kids in all of us.

The artist for our first round of designs is Suzy Elizondo of Austin, Texas. She is a recent graduate of the highly recognized University of Texas Advertising Program.

Suzy is a super-talented artist who took a while to find her first job for one specific reason. It's well known in the advertising world that young talent usually opts to work in New York, Chicago or LA. When I saw her outstanding portfolio, I said, "You know you're in the wrong city, right?" She said, "Yes, but I'm determined to stay in Austin." Suzy was smart and crazy enough to work for My Hikes™, a start-up on a shoestring budget, simply because it was fun and the chance to practice her craft.

Not surprisingly, Suzy eventually landed an impressive job with a local company in Austin. We hope Suzy's star will continue to rise deep in the heart of Texas.

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